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Lab Analyst Certification Prep Webinar: Sample Collection and Documentation


  • July 14
  • 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Contact Hours: ESTIMATED 1.8
    Lab Analyst
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  • Non-member price: $53.00

Join this webinar to learn about Sample Collection and Documentation as you prepare for your CWEA Grade 1 or Grade 2 Laboratory Analyst Certification.

A laboratory analyst performs hands-on work in water or wastewater laboratories to monitor the treatment process. The goal is to frequently and consistently analyze the flow to optimize the treatment process and meet regulatory requirements.

The key to success on the CWEA certification test is understanding the KSAs and having adequate training, education, and experience in those KSAs. Each KSA describes the competencies required of an individual to successfully perform the essential duties of the job at grade level.

Although the KSAs do not correspond precisely to every individual Grade I position description, they do reflect the core competencies and essential duties required of any Grade I Laboratory Analyst. The KSAs are developed from a job analysis that includes research of the essential duties at a representative cross section of systems and facilities throughout California and other participating states.

There are four Lab grade levels and a typical career ladder:

  • Grade 1 Entry Level
  • Grade 2 Analyst
  • Grade 3 Supervisor
  • Grade 4 Manager

CWEA offers voluntary certifications for water professionals and many California water agencies use CWEA’s certifications of professional competence as part of their hiring process and will require new employees to hold or obtain the certification.

CWEA Certification Knowledge, Skills Abilities (KSAs) or Domains/Sub-Domains to be covered during session:

  • Laboratory Analyst Grade I #104. Laboratory hazards and proper safety precautions and procedures, chemical hygiene, including personal protective equipment.
  • Laboratory Analyst Grade I #111. Perform standard physical, chemical and biological tests on treated and polluted water, potable water, industrial and domestic wastewater and related materials, including proper sampling and preservation techniques.
  • Laboratory Analyst Grade 2 #206. Perform standard quantitative laboratory analysis.

CWEA Contact Hours: 1.8 towards Laboratory Analyst Certification







Introducer: Josie Tellers, Water Quality Coordinator – Environmental Resources Division, City of Davis

Name: Josie Tellers Title/Employer: Water Quality Coordinator, City of Davis Education: Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering CWEA Certificate: Laboratory Analyst Grade IV Work Experience: 37 years of experience in Environmental Laboratory testing, operation, project management, regulatory compliance in adherence to Federal, State and Regional Agencies requirements for various programs such as: drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, recycled water and solid waste. Laboratory experience include working for privately and publicly owned laboratories. Leadership Roles: Vice-Chair/North (CWEA Laboratory Committee), Chair (CVCWA-Laboratory Workgroup), Secretary (CVCWA Board of Directors) Member (BACWA Lab Committee), Chair to various collaborative study through CVCWA (Freshwater Mussel Study, Toxicity Special Study, Methyl Mercury TMDL) and continue to engage, participate and collaborate on regulatory related matters representing the City and various associations that serve the laboratory communities in the region and/or within the State. Sports related activities: Volleyball, tennis, golf (beginner), horseshoe pitching and fly fishing.







Moderator: David Holland, Laboratory Director, Monterey Bay Analytical Services, Inc.

David is the owner and co-founder of Monterey Bay Analytical Services, a California ELAP certified laboratory. He has over 30 years’ experience performing chemical and biological analyses. David has a BS in Microbiology and is a certified Public Health Microbiologist. He was an adjunct instructor at Hartnell Community College and Gavilan Community College teaching in the Water Technology Programs. His other certifications include Water Distribution Grade I and Water Treatment Operator Grade II.







Speaker: Mollie Wooden, Laboratory Supervisor, Monterey Bay Analytical Services

Mollie Wooden serves as the Laboratory Supervisor at Monterey Bay Analytical Services (MBAS). She is a graduate of Cal State Monterey Bay where she had multiple internships trying to find the right career for her. Upon graduating, she worked for the Monterey Bay Aquarium analyzing the water quality of the tanks and water quality system. She had also started as an intern at Monterey Bay Analytical Services in 2012. Eventually she decided MBAS was where she was going to further her career and was promoted to Laboratory Supervisor in 2017. In addition to the responsibility for the microbiological and biochemical analyses, she is the principal analyst for metals determination by ICP-MS and ICP-OES and oversees laboratory QA/QC requirements to name a few duties. Her recent passion in outreach was sparked by presenting to college and high school students around the peninsula which has evolved into her drive to educate people about working in water quality labs including creating classes and performing more outreach via social platforms (@CaLabAnalyst). She holds a B.S. in Biology as well as a CWEA Grade III Lab Analyst Certification.

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