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Presented by: CWEA-San Diego

Environmental Compliance Inspector Technical Certification Preparation (TCP) Webinar – Grade 2


  • May 28
  • 11:00 am - 12:30 pm


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George Munoz

Grade 2

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Certification Preparation Session

Tools & Tips for Preparing 

Prepare for your upcoming CWEA certification exam by participating in this interactive session. Our trained moderators will share how to use the many resources and tools to get you on the path to your certification. You’ll review the CWEA Path to Certification and delve into the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) that make up the core of your vocation. Use the newly developed KSA Gap Analysis Tool to identify areas to focus while studying. After reviewing the tools and tips for preparing for your exam, you’ll divide into vocation focused groups and learn more about specific ways to study and prepare. You’ll be given an action plan tool sheet for you to fill out and use throughout the day to track your action items and plan your next steps. You’ll leave this workshop with a better idea of what areas you need to focus on as you prepare for your exam.
Learn how to make your path to certification a smooth one.

Speaker profiles

Speaker: George Munoz, Senior Environmental Compliance Inspector, City of Riverside. In 1999, George started work as an Environmental Consultant inspecting commercial, industrial, and residential facilities across the United States for lead based paint, asbestos, and mold. During his time as a consultant, he began teaching courses for EPA Region 9. In 2007, he joined the City of Riverside Environmental Compliance Team where he continually learns to adapt to the constant ever-changing industry.

Moderator: Shannon Simmers, Regulatory Compliance Officer, City of Redlands. Shannon is responsible for the Pretreatment Program and other regulatory requirements for the City’s WWTP, collections system and stormwater requirements to name a few. She has worked in the Environmental Compliance Field since 2014. Prior to that she worked in the production industry where she held positions as a Final Inspector, Quality Control Technician and a Quality Assurance Lab Technician. She holds the following certifications: an ECI Grade 2, QISP, a Wastewater Operator Grade 2, a Water Treatment Operator Grade 1, and a Distribution Operator Grade 1. She has an Associates Science degree in Water Supply Technology. She is a P3S Executive Committee Past Chair and the TCP Training Liaison. She is involved in several projects with CWEA and other organizations such as the TCP Train the Trainer program and the CSUS PFI Update Subcommittee. She is also a Subject Matter Expert for the ECI exam and was involved with the recent ECI exam re-validation and revisions to the ECI Study guides.

Introducer: Eric Van Cleave, Southern California Regional Sales Manager, SmartCover. Eric is the Southern Caifornia Regional Sales Manager with SmartCover Systems. He has a degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Missouri and started working for SmartCover Systems in June 2017. He previously worked in Environmental Construction and has been in Engineering Sales for the past 8 years. He is also the TCP Chair for the CWEA San Diego Section.

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