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Presented by: DKF Solutions Group

DKF: Tactical Communication Training – Verbal Judo


  • February 21
  • 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


City of Redwood City Corporation Yard
1400 Broadway
Redwood City, CA 94063
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Contact Hours: 3.5
  • Member price: $225
  • Non-member price: $225

Tactical Communication – Verbal Judo
Location: City of Redwood City Corporation Yard, 1400 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063
Trainer: Verbal Judo Institute

Consider this:

  • Agency employees interacting with customers are representing their Agency, Agency Management & the Agency’s Board
  • Agency employees must be able to speak & act professionally under pressure to stay safe & not create liability for their Agency
  • Customers will not always be on their best behavior – especially following a traumatic event like a sewer backup

Now consider the disturbing trend in America, where people are less patient & respectful, and more willing to be verbally abusive and in some cases even physically abusive.

Now more than ever your Agency’s employees must be equipped with the skills necessary to remain professional and focused during any interaction.

Verbal Judo is a nationally recognized program that teaches proven techniques to de-escalate tension, fear, and anger from the customers and citizens we meet. Attendees will learn how to redirect behavior, diffuse difficult situations, and foster positive and cooperative interactions.

We teach ways to deal with people who:

  • Video our staff
  • Call us names-threaten our jobs
  • Don’t listen, or understand
  • Bully others with intimidation or otherwise push our buttons trying to get us to do something we can’t or shouldn’t

This course will help staff:

  • Understand their own style . . . what works and what doesn’t.
  • Learn to control their own minds in difficult situations.
  • Apply proven techniques to de-escalate difficult or sneaky people with those not of clear, rational mind, but needing help.
  • Use the proven step-by-step approach and how to adjust when you get resistance
  • Learn the key ingredients to persuade people to change behavior

Course goals:

  • Understand the anatomy of a verbal attack
  • 3 kinds of people, learn to quickly ID and change your approach for each
  • Learn about the “Jerk Pyramid” to prevent burn-out
  • How to handle verbal abuse
  • Know your weakness, and learn to control your mind with that difficult or sneaky person
  • Art of Representation, know your role and balance
  • Listening is a diminishing skill, but tactical
  • 8-step contact, always use
  • 5-step hard style, when you meet resistance
  • SAFER, the acronym when words fail, and you need to act.

The ultimate goal of this Tactical Communication program is to keep people safe from the wrath of others, making us more professional under pressure.  Verbal Judo training is instrumental in decreasing potential complaints & liability, while reducing worksite stress & improving productivity & morale.

For additional information, please email Zoeanne Tafolla at ztafolla@dkfsolutions.com

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