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Presented by: CWEA

Webinar: TNI, MDL Implementation and Lab Person of the Year


  • August 26
  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm



Oyuna Jenkins and Nicki Branch will present from City of Escondido.

Topics for discussion:

  • ELAP and TNI implementation
  • Method Detection Limit (MDL)
    There are few significant changes in Revision 2 from the previous version. In Revision 2, MDL defined as minimum measured concentration of substance that can be reported with 99% confidence that measured concentration is distinguishable from “method blank results” rather than zero revision 1.1 states.Revision 2 MDL determined from method blanks, data collected from spiked samples and or method blanks throughout the year, and has options to pool data from multiple instruments. The MDL procedure accounts for background contamination from all sources, including consumable supplies, equipment, improved detector sensitivity, and laboratory contaminants.This webinar will help you to understand the differences, continue following the MDL determination, collecting data, and verification procedure based on the new MDL rules.


Oyuna is an Associate Chemist with the City of Escondido. She started as a Laboratory Technician in 2012 and has worked her way up to her current position which she obtained in December of 2015.
Oyuna holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology. She holds a Grade 4 Laboratory Analyst from the CWEA, and completed the Water and Wastewater Certification Program at Palomar College.

Nicki is the Laboratory Superintendent for the City of Escondido. Nicki has been working for Escondido for twelve years and is responsible for managing the Water Quality Laboratory which analyzes Drinking Water, Wastewater, Biosolids & Storm Water for their NPDES and various regulated program requirements. Prior to working for the City of Escondido, Nicki gained twenty six years of experience in Wastewater Laboratory Management by managing the laboratory for the San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility in Cardiff, California. A prior board member of the San Diego CWEA, Nicki is also a certified Life Coach and CEO of a non-profit organization.

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