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Presented by: CASA

CASA-CWEA Wipes Webinar 1: Legislative and Public Outreach Efforts


  • June 18
  • 11:00 am - 1:00 pm


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After 10 years of struggling with wipes, are California’s wastewater professionals getting closer to some relief?

Join two important wipes webinars facilitated by Diana Messina with the State Water Board. Learn how agencies and associations are resolving the crisis and steps you can take to slow the unending waves of wipes hitting your system.

In our first webinar, CASA’s Jessica Gauger and Jared Voskhul will talk about the history of wipes and why so many are ending up in wastewater. They’ll also discuss CASA’s evolving legislative strategies and an update on negotiations with manufacturers.

Jared will share recent national studies about the impacts of wipes on agencies. Learn how you can help build an even stronger case for regulations by contributing to CASA’s research efforts.

In the second half, two communications professionals, Emily Barnett with Central San and Roni Gehlke, representing Ironhouse Sanitary District, will talk about successful wipes outreach tactics you can use. Central San has developed multiple successful and award-winning outreach campaigns related to wipes. There are creative ways to obtain outreach materials and the cost of running advertising in your region might be less than you expect.

After attending the first wipes webinar you’ll learn the history of the crisis in California, the latest legislative efforts and outreach tactics you can use.

Bring your wipes questions. Diana will lead a Q&A with our panel of experts to get your wipes questions answered. We’ll also have a call to action – things California wastewater professionals can do to help resolve the wipes crisis faster.

Don’t miss the second CASA-CWEA webinar on June 25th focused on agency success stories and again led by Diana. Learn about outreach, operations and technology tactics agencies are using to prevent wipes and trash from clogging pump stations. Learn more >


Speaker Panelist: Jessica Gauger, Director of Legislative Advocacy, California Association of Sanitation Agencies. Jessica is the Director of Legislative Advocacy for the California Association of Sanitation Agencies. She oversees the state and federal legislative advocacy programs for CASA, and is a registered lobbyist in the State of California. She has more than 10 years of experience working on public policy development in the clean water sector, including four years as CASA’s in house advocacy professional and in prior positions as a contract lobbyist and in the State Senate.

Speaker Panelist: Jared Voskuhl, Manager of Regulatory Affairs, CASA. Jared serves as the manager for CASA’s regulatory advocacy program. He joined CASA’s team as a Legislative and Regulatory Analyst in 2018 and was promoted this year to his current post where he supports Adam Link and Greg Kester on regulatory matters pertaining to water quality and renewable resources. Prior to joining CASA, Jared worked in the water field during three legislative sessions for a local public agency and a state trade association. He holds a law degree from the University of California, Davis, and he earned graduate and undergraduate degrees in sociology.







Speaker Panelist: Emily Barnett is the Communications and Intergovernmental Relations Manager for Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (Central San), leading the District’s advocacy and communications efforts. This work includes telling the story of wipes impact to the wastewater industry. She brings over 18 years’ experience working in both the public and private sectors in communications, media relations, issues management, stakeholder/community engagement, government relations and advocacy. Ms. Barnett previously worked for Pacific Gas & Electric Company and the California State Senate. Ms. Barnett has a Masters Degree in Communication Studies from San Jose State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from California State University, Stanislaus.







Speaker Panelist: Roni Gehlke, Outreach Coordinator, Ironhouse Saniatary District Ms Gehlke is the owner and operator of R&G Promotions and Outreach. Her company has been working on environmental outreach campaigns since 1989. Through her company, Ms Gehlke is the Outreach Coordinator for Ironhouse Sanitary District’s Public Outreach and Education department. Since 2001, her role for Ironhouse has been everything from writing, layout and design of the Ironhouse Insider quarterly newsletter, to producing fliers and brochures, to coordinating District events, including educational and public tours of the Water Recycling Facility. Ms Gehlke has received many awards and accolades for her work over the years. She recently received CWEA’s Outreach Person of the Year Award.

Introducer: Wendy Wert, Environmental Engineer, CWEA President, Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County. Wendy is a Board Certified Environmental Engineer with the Sanitation Districts. For the past 20 years she has been working on programs that rely on public participation to integrate water supply, water reuse with wastewater facilities planning. She received a B.S in Environmental Engineering and an M.S. in Water Resources Engineering from the University of Central Florida (UCF). Her studies gave her opportunities to collaborate with others. It was during this time that Wendy developed an interest in effectively communicating math and science to diverse groups. Today, she uses her position as an engineer to support outreach and education programs that explain how the work of the Sanitation Districts identifies community needs then applies engineering and scientific principles to meet them.

Moderator: Diana Messina, Regulatory Permitting Chief, State Water Board. Diana is a registered civil engineer with over 30 years of experience in water quality and land development. She holds a Master of Science degree in wastewater treatment and board certification with the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. Diana currently is the regulatory permitting chief at the State Water Resources Control Board over statewide permitting programs. Her passion for people, practicality and efficiency has led her to work closely with the regulated community and stakeholders for improved regulatory permits. She holds a high appreciation for those out in the field protecting our public health and the environment.



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